Sports makers Garmin, Fitbit and Jawbone are now leading the market for these smart bands. But the usual giants like Samsung and Sony are not far behind, not to mention the breakthrough and energetic Xiaomi, which made a super budget fitness tracker, and now upgrades its functionality with each new version.

But a large number of fitness bracelets on the market does not mean that everyone understands why they need this device. Let’s try to figure it out!

1. Motivates you to move more. Each fitness tracker can count how many steps and how far a person walks every day, and how many calories they burn. Given the opinion of scientists that to maintain physical fitness you need to take at least 10,000 steps a day, it is very convenient to have accurate and detailed data on your activity with you.

2. Helps improve sleep quality. Many fitness bracelets collect data on the quality of sleep, and also gently wake you up at the most appropriate stage. Thus, with the same duration of sleep, its quality increases, and the rises become easier and more vigorous.

3. Promotes weight loss. Behind this vague phrase is a whole range of features that are present in many fitness trackers. For example, if a person sits in one place for a long time, the bracelet begins to vibrate, reminding that it is time to warm up. He gives hints: how many calories you need to burn, or how intensely you need to train in order to achieve your cherished goal.

4. Monitors your heart rate, helping you avoid feeling sick. This is important for those people who suffer from a certain range of diseases and want to live a full life. This information is also useful for tourists and lovers of extreme sports.

5. Notifies you of calls and messages. By vibrating, the bracelet can draw the wearer’s attention to incoming calls to the smartphone. Some trackers are configured for certain applications, the notifications from which the gadget will also respond with vibration.

Thus, a fitness tracker is a useful thing in the current rhythm of life. And here it is important to remember that this is not a magic pill and he will not go to the gym for you, so you will have to move yourself. But if you decide to monitor the quality of your life, such a bracelet will be a good helper and motivator.

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