No matter how hard the Cupertino people try, there are still people who prefer ordinary watches. Most of them acquire several types to suit all occasions.

To the point: Powerful multi-tool Leatherman Tread Tempo

The guys from CAJISO are selling the most unusual version of wristwatches — «PAPER WATCH«. The name speaks for itself, the accessory looks like strip of paperwrapped around the wrist.

They look funny, but the brain immediately draws pictures of how this watch is torn, wrinkled or soaked in water, like any other piece of paper.

As it turned out, the watch is made of a material called Tyvek, it is not afraid of water, is resistant to tearing and is very similar to paper. And not only in appearance, but also in touch.

Time and date are displayed using LEDs located under the fabric. The numbers just glow from the inside when you press the button. There are no sensors here, an alarm clock and a stopwatch too.

The accessory is held with a sewn-in magnet and weighs almost nothing. Batteries will last for 2 years of use, after which the watch will have to be replaced. Well, or carefully rip and sew.

I don’t think anyone would wear this watch on a daily basis. Still, they are inconvenient to watch the time, especially in sunny weather. But for going to a bar or to a party — that’s it.

Buy the ones with flamingos: $29.99

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