In Russia, Mi Band is very fond of, nothing can be done about it. Keep the lowest price for the new and top bracelet from Xiaomi for now.

Sale launched on Pandao: it was 2197 rubles, it became 1648 rubles. For that kind of money, you will not find it not only in Russia, but even on AliExpress.

There is one minus, but for us it is not important.

What you need to know about Xiaomi Mi Band 4

For those who missed it: we compared Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4, the new one was better in everything.

The version sold on Pandao differs only lack of NFC-module. The loss is small, because in Russia he still does not work.

For just Rs.

Also, the new version can track swimming activity and has a water protection level of 5 ATM, which corresponds to immersion up to 50 meters.

Of course, this is not a replacement for the Apple Watch in any way. But as a good sports device that is not a pity to kill, it fits perfectly.

Is this the lowest price? Where could I buy?

Exactly, nowhere below. Let’s see other offers for Mi Band 4.

▸ Yandex.Market: from 2381 rubles.

▸ AliExpress: from 2019 rub.

As you can see, Pandao is now really the lowest price1648 rubles.

Delivery to Russia is free, it will take up to 40 days. The color of the bracelet is only black, but you can change the strap yourself later.

I’ll take it myself. The bracelet is mega-popular, at this price there are no analogues at all.

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