The price, as always, pleases.

Xiaomi realized that two generations of the Mi Band fitness bracelet and the upcoming Mi Band 2, which should finally get the long-awaited screen, are not enough. Yesterday the company announced the release of a tracker for children — Mi Bunny.

A bright accessory with a pixelated LED screen that’s ready for six days of battery life and comes with a battery capacity of 300 mAh.


Xiaomi Mi Bunny can:

  • receive voice calls;
  • support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless protocols;
  • equipped with a GPS / GLONASS module, which makes it possible for parents to track the child;
  • installation of a SIM card is provided;
  • compatible with all Android devices (iOS support to be confirmed).

The weight of the miniature assistant is only 37 grams. The Mi Bunny watch will go on sale tentatively on May 10, the day of the next Xiaomi presentation. The cost of the device will be approx. $59. [PA]

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi contributes to the promotion of «smart devices» at attractive prices. And while manufacturers are thinking about the filling of wearable accessories, spending millions of dollars on design development and trying to reinvent the wheel, the engineers of the Chinese company are releasing simple solutions that the average consumer pays attention to, primarily because of their low cost.

The company’s bestseller is a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band has gone through two updates. In the latter, he received a heart rate sensor with an unchanged design …

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… And although the opinion of the “grain of rice” among the user is very ambiguous (read: How Xiaomi is deceiving us), the company continues to announce new and new devices that continue to capture the consumer market.

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