Xiaomi introduced the Mi Band 5 smart bracelet in China.

He received a 1.2-inch OLED screen, which is 20% larger than the Mi Band 4.

Users will have access to more than 100 new animated watch faces with characters from popular animated series and anime.

Another important change was the introduction of magnetic charging. Users no longer have to take out the capsule and use the docking station.

To charge Mi Band 5, it is enough to bring the cable to two electrodes, which are located on the inside of the gadget.

The Mi Band 5 has new sensors for tracking physical indicators and added 11 training modes.

The device also received a built-in barometer to measure atmospheric pressure.

The NFC version supports contactless payments in China. Whether this feature will work in Russia, as in Mi Band 4, is still unknown.


▪️ Mi Band 5 without NFC: 189 yuan or 1840 rubles

▪️ Mi Band 5 with NFC: 229 yuan or 2200 rubles

Sales of Mi Band 5 in China will start on June 18. [XDA]

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