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Try to choose a gift for the Defender of the Fatherland Day, which will appeal to you at first sight and will become an indispensable companion for every day. In this dajeist, we will show you how to choose the right present so that it becomes a pleasant and useful surprise for a man. The first rule for everyone who chooses a gift is knowledge of the area of ​​interest. What unites all men is the desire to have power and interest in new gadgets that are synchronized with a smartphone.

Jawbone Up 24 sports bracelet. Everything you need in a convenient format

For any level of interest in sports training, fitness bracelets will be appropriate. Getting to grips with the app and syncing the Jawbone Up 24 is very easy and convenient to use. This small thing makes noticeable adjustments to the daily routine and makes the owner more cheerful and cheerful. Jawbone Up 24 is a significant plus and the secret of its success and popularity is the concentration of necessary functions in a small and convenient device. The bracelet does not take up much space, after a couple of hours you stop feeling it on your wrist, and after a few days you don’t know how you managed without it before. As a caring and unobtrusive personal assistant, he will tell you when it’s time to warm up, praise you for a productive workout, and even wake you up with a gentle vibration at the moment of superficial rather than deep sleep. The chosen strategy of minimalism did not prevent the manufacturer from creating a stylish accessory that will suit and please everyone.

Buy Jawbone UP24 at Medgadgets.ru for 6,990 rubles.

Fitbit Force bracelet. I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles

If the goal is set and it’s up to the implementation of the task, you won’t find a better assistant than the Fitbit Force. Fitbit fitness bracelets are worth choosing for those who have set specific goals: to lose weight, gain muscle mass or transform their lifestyle. The included application transforms the goals set for it into daily tasks, and at the end of the month you can enjoy the result. Made of high quality material and equipped with a lot of functions for measuring activity, it will please you with a modern stylish design, the ability to synchronize with a smart device and display. It shows real-time data on activity, calorie consumption, climb rate and time. Such a gift for February 23 will say a lot about your attitude to the interests and hobbies of a young man, husband, son or friend.

Buy Fitbit Force in the Medgadgets.ru store for 7,990 rubles, Fitbit Flex for 5,000 rubles.

Polar Loop bracelet. Multifunction device for versatile personality

A particularly pleasant gift for those who are experienced in training will be devices from the well-known Finnish company Polar. Stylish bracelets relished many users. The Polar Loop is capable of being used for any kind of activity, from cycling to swimming. Frequent changes in the type of activity are characteristic of active individuals. Switching the training mode can be done with the button and you can see the exact data on calorie consumption. Fitness bracelet Polar Loop It can be synchronized with the Polar H7 heart rate monitor, watching accurate heart rate data on the wrist. Impressive features from a relatively inexpensive device — ideal for a gift to a man!

Buy Polar Loop in the Medgadgets.ru store for 6390 rubles, Polar H7 for 4590 rubles.

Basis fitness watch. All in one

Get all the features you might need in one device with a sports watch. The Basis fitness watch will delight you with automatic switching between activities and the ability to measure heart rate on your wrist. You can check your pulse every five minutes, and this gadget, synchronized with your phone, guesses when you change the type of activity! A beautiful watch in a modern sporty style will look great and help you move to a new level of activity and health. A tempting prospect, isn’t it?

Buy Basis in the Medgadgets.ru store for 9,500 rubles.

Tracker iHealth. Decorating modesty

Devices from iHealth will become electronic assistants in restoring health and training aimed at strengthening the body. A lot of pleasant things can be said about the activity tracker from iHealth — it will control sleep, activity and energy consumption. Like the tracker watch from iHealth, it will offer a tempting symbiosis with several health devices — blood pressure monitors and scales of each of the brands work together. Information about the progress in training and health is collected in one application. You can see the real picture of the workout in real time. The modest price of this tracker makes it an even more popular gift for February 23rd.

Buy an iHealth tracker watch in the Medgadgets.ru store for 3,000 rubles, a BP7 blood pressure monitor for 4,800 rubles.

Smart watch Wellograph. New and interesting

Fans of new products will be pleased to know that the Wellograph smartwatch is expected to be released soon. A number of sites offer to become the first owner. By subscribing to a stock alert and a gift certificate from the Medgadgets.ru store, you can book one of the first copies that appeared in Russia for yourself.
You can give an informative and caring assistant for sports and fitness to a person of any age. By providing useful information, it will help you follow the general trend of a healthy lifestyle at an individual pace. In addition, it will show your awareness in the world of modern electronics and demonstrate care.

You can order Wellograph in the Medgadgets.ru store.

Gifts for February 23rd can be practical. By listening to the recommendations on choosing the right device, you can give the most memorable gift to your man (or men).

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