The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are in full swing despite the coronavirus and countless restrictions. Our athletes briskly collect medals, and solely out of respect for them, even I, a person far from sports, periodically follow the news from daily competitions.

It would seem, where does Apple? But this Olympiad brought us, the Russians, quite a long-awaited bonus: the first-ever branded strap for the Apple Watch in the colors of the Russian flag.

This is a limited collection International Collectionreleased in honor of the Olympic Games. It contains dozens of different belts of the largest participating countries. Russia is among them.

How the new belt looks on the watch, what’s inside, what are the unique features (yes, they are) and impressions in general — in this small photo article.

Photos and features of new bracelets

The Apple Watch logo is printed on the box of this series golden color — such a hint at the Olympic gold medals, for which the athletes are now in Tokyo.

Inside, everything is quite as usual: a cardboard-envelope-substrate, a belt and clear instructions for use on the back.

In the new collection of belts with the colors of the participating countries, there are only 22 models of sports bracelets — the very ones that are made of nylon threads and are fixed through a Velcro fastener.

Strap Feature International collection: on the reverse side, where the Velcro is located, there is a plate with the abbreviation of the country participating in the Olympics. Approximately as in the sports uniforms of national teams.

Inside the boxes of each such strap there is a special round code. It can be scanned by the iPhone camera and instantly installed on the watch corresponding dial with flag colors.

It looks like this:

Very comfortably.

Also, the watch face can be downloaded from the official site without a strap: here is the page, and here is our guide.

What is the result

The sports bracelet «Russia» from the international collection costs 3990 rubles and is available for any Apple Watch with 38/40 mm and 42/44 mm dials.

They will be removed from sale in the fall, so anyone who wants to have one in their collection, I advise you to hurry.

Purely in terms of color combinations, silver and red Apple Watch models, as well as light steel (if bought abroad), are best suited to such a bracelet. With black, too, is normal, with the exception of the strongly prominent white belt mounts. Finally, this option is the least suitable for gold aluminum watches.

Looks good with a red watch, and even better with a silver one.

Together with the matching dial, the combination is good. Well, plus, the Russian flag!

In the future, I hope that Apple will release a variant with all three colors of the flag stretched over the area of ​​​​the bracelet. It seems to me that this option will look no worse.

But this will happen no earlier than two years later, by the next Olympics. And this bracelet is already being sold now — and there are not so many left before the end of sales.

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