A little less than a day is left before the announcement of a new generation of the best smart watches on Earth. But inquisitive minds have already found images of the device on the official website, buried in the database.

Judging by the picture, the new version of Pebble will indeed get a color screen and a new operating system. According to rumors, professionals from the former WebOS team worked on the software — now deceased, but very promising and in some places ahead of its time mobile operating system from HP.

The design of the watch has changed a little, but still does not stand out with any luxurious elements: the same semi-sporty design for everyday urban life. The smaller side buttons are visible, which is very pleasing: they were too large in the previous generation of Pebble. The case should also become thinner, but this image is not clear. The huge size of the frame around the screen is not entirely clear: in the picture it occupies more of the total area than the display itself. Okay, time will tell.

It should not be ruled out that tomorrow the company may show several new models, and not just one – and among them both an updated “basic” version with a black and white display, and a new “luxury” modification with a metal case can be tucked in. One way or another, the future of Pebble is finally in front of us. They are clearly not going to directly compete with the Apple Watch, and rightly so. [9to5 & pebble]

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