On the pages of the online store, Apple claims that the new straps — mono-bracelets — are not compatible with the old Apple Watch.

To be more precise, mono bracelets are not officially suitable for:

▹ «Series 0» (first generation, 2015)
▹ Series 1
▹ Series 2
▹ Series 3

Since yesterday, I’ve been wearing the Apple Watch Series 6 with both types of the new mono-bracelets: plain and braided. And the first thing I did in the morning was to connect both to the very old “Series 0” that no longer turns on. Especially since you asked to check exactly this.

To the point: I unboxed the Apple Watch Series 6 and the new mono-bracelets. First Impressions

So, both fit perfectly. But Not perfect.

The fastening grooves cling normally, with a click. Hold tight, don’t fall out. So nominally you can wear them.

The downside is that wicker models have metal fasteners strongly protrude from the grooves. It’s a matter of a different body shape. On my old steel ones, this is not so noticeable, but on some black aluminum ones it will be visible from afar.

More successfully, an ordinary mono-bracelet will fit on the old AW, but when pulled, it does not lock “to zero” in the grooves, there are voids.

I tried to pull off both bracelets. Specifically, in terms of reliability, there is no difference with, say, Series 6. There are just small visual disadvantages that I mentioned above.

So there is still compatibility, they just won’t look as good as Apple intended. And Apple is expected to pay maximum attention to this. Here is the warning.

But if you really really want a mono bracelet, then you can take it with your Series 3 or older. I don’t see any critical issues.

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