In the first paragraph of this short note, I had to tell you how popular smartwatches have become today and how many of these accessories were presented at the CES 2014 world tech exhibition. Then be sure to complain about your COOKOO watch and vice versa praise the manufacturer Pebble. In the end, of course, I would remember Apple, which could show everyone an exemplary gadget, as it did with its iPhone 2G. What should be such a gadget? Maybe the designer Martin Hayek (Martin Hajek) has an answer to this question. With the iPhone 5c six months ago, he already hit the bull’s-eye.

Martin is sure that so far no one has seen a single part of the «smart» watches, which, according to rumors, are hard at work at Apple. In his opinion, if the iWatch project is ever launched, then two models of the wrist accessory will appear on sale at once.

He named the first iWatch S. This is a more advanced model with powerful technical characteristics and one or two «killer features» that are not found in cheaper smartwatches from Apple.

iWatch S is perfect for iPhone 5s owners. The main body of the smart watch is made of aluminum and glass, the strap is completely leather. Of course, there are several color options. Guessed? That’s right — black and gray (aka Space Gray), white and gold.

iWatch C by analogy with the iPhone 5c, these are smartwatches that are slightly cheaper than the flagship model. Without paying a hundred dollars, you get a case made of glass and high-quality plastic, as well as a rubber or rubber strap.

Choose, friends, what do you like? In the meantime, I’ll go and put my Pebbles on charge. []

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