Some companies patent their inventions, others — other people’s statements.

Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch has acquired the rights to the words made legendary by Steve Jobs. Patent application «One more thing” was submitted in November 2014 and was approved in May of this year. The famous phrase will be used as the Swatch slogan until 2024. At the same time, there is still no clarity on the consequences of using this phrase by other companies.


In addition to the aforementioned phrase, the Swiss brand is going to patent the slogan «Tick different». In it, fans of the Californian company can easily recognize «Think Different” is a phrase of great importance in the history of Apple. There are two reasons for this Swatch behavior. The first refers to the conflict between the companies that occurred due to the consonance of the names Swatch and iWatch even before Apple watches received an official name. The second reason may be the simple desire to draw attention to your company and the product it produces.

During his time at the company, Steve Jobs said the phrase «One more thing» from the stage 31 times. From Tim Cook, we have heard it twice so far: at the presentation of watches Apple Watch and before the announcement of the service Apple Music. [ai]

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