This year’s CES 2014 Tech Innovation Festival is littered with all sorts of wearables, and it looks like this is just the beginning. The first day saw the introduction of the June sun bracelet, another smart bracelet this time called the Razer Nabu, and the long-awaited Pebble Steel, the second iteration of the most popular iPhone smartwatch. The past year did not rest on its laurels and the creators of another interesting gadget — watch with alerts COOKOO Watch, which presented two new models at once. At the same time, one of them was made much more “smart” than the original smart watch from ConnecteDevice.

The first novelty from the manufacturer COOKOO watch has a concise name without any Watch, Smart and the like, its name is COGITO. The meaning of this word is not difficult to unravel, it is part of the statement of the French philosopher Rene Descartes “Cogito, ergo sum” (“I think, therefore I am”). And there is a clear logic to this.

Previously, many people scolded the COOKOO smartwatch for the fact that it was impossible to see any information about the notification on their screen, only icons were displayed on it. Thus, you always had to go into your pocket for a smartphone, even when an annoying boss called. COGITO is «smarter» than its predecessor, as the top of the dial now has small screen. It is capable of displaying various information — from the name of the caller to the percentage of iPhone charge.

On the left, the number means the number of messages, on the right, the number of e-mails

True, there is no question of the full display of the message text, as in Pebble. What’s up with the watch battery? Actually, nothing, the battery responsible for the electronics will last a whole year. The second, which is responsible for the clockwork, will last three times longer — three years. Another feature of this model is the ability to answer or reject calls directly with the help of smartwatch taps.

List of all Cogito features

Externally, the new «smart» watch has become thinner and has received an updated design. In classic black and white colors, they look stricter than the first COOKOO. Designers placed a steel frame around the display, and the silicone strap got a perforated coating.

Six COGITO models will appear on sale at once, which will differ in the color of the steel ring around the dial. Of the available colors of the strap — black, white and purple. Price COGITO Original — $179.95.

Promotional video COGITO Original (uninformative, really)

The second model introduced by ConnecteDevice is called COGITO POP. In short, this is a re-released model of COOKOO watch, with a thinner case and slight changes in the position of the notification icons (they have moved to the top of the dial). All smartwatch buttons have moved to the right side, now there are three of them, and the left side of the accessory is freed from any controls.

By the way, Cogito has already managed to nominate for the award for design and engineering at CES 2014. The main category of users for whom these brightly colored smartwatches are intended clearly overlaps with the category of people who buy the iPhone 5c. Basically, these are young people, only a desperate daredevil will put on a COGITO POP suit. Or a hipster like me.

By the way, both models, as befits a wrist gadget, are waterproof at a depth of up to 100 meters. With an iPhone or Android gadget, COGITO and COGITO POP connect using Bluetooth 4.0 LE, which is famous for its low energy consumption.

COGITO POP will, for obvious reasons, be cheaper than its older brother — $129.95. Both models can already be ordered on the official website of the new COGITO smartwatch family.

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