The smartwatch market is still in the process of formation. Some companies have already introduced their devices, while others are still developing their own solutions. But there are also manufacturers who already want to leave this market.

It has been revealed that Basis Science is looking for interested buyers for its smartwatch business. Over the past few weeks, she has held talks with Apple and Google. Samsung and Microsoft are also named as possible buyers. The estimated value of the company (including all assets) is said to be up to $100 million. It should be noted that $30 million was invested in Basis Science by investors represented by Norwest Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund and Intel Capital. As an alternative to the sale, the possibility of additional financing is also being considered.

Basis Science is known as the manufacturer of smart watches Basis Health Tracker Watch. This model is equipped with sensors designed to monitor the activity and health of the user. The device is able to track heart rate, movements, calorie expenditure, sleep cycles, changes in skin temperature, sweating levels. The companion application allows you to collect and analyze data. The Basis Science smartwatch has good functionality, but its design leaves much to be desired. The market share of this model is not reported.

Note that according to the available information, smart watches iWatch developed by Apple will have similar functionality. Perhaps the Cupertino company will be interested in buying Basis Science. [TechCrunch]

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