Our prediction of more Bluetooth-enabled accessories is coming true. This is primarily due to the fact that alternative mass protocol for data exchange of accessories with gadgets does not yet exist. Bluetooth modules are so cheap that they practically do not affect the cost of the device, so the market is developing on a blue-toothed wave. In anticipation of rumors about the release of Apple smartwatches, smart bracelets and watches flooded the shelves. I would like to talk about the difference between them and talk about one of the representatives of the family MyKronoz.

At the moment, I have tested only one smart watch — this is Pebble. And two smart bracelets: Nike + Fuelband and Jawbone.

The boundary between a smart bracelet and a smart watch is very vague, but for myself I have defined the following criteria. smart watch is a gadget that has its own firmware and the ability to install third-party applications that extend the factory settings almost indefinitely.

On the left is the MyKronoz smart bracelet, on the right is the Pebble smart watch.

In its turn, smart bracelet is able to organize communication with the phone at the level of standard bluetooth features: notification of an incoming call, notification of a delivered SMS, signaling a disconnection with a smartphone (forgotten or stolen), the role of a wireless headset during a call.

And although the manufacturer MyKronoz calls his creation a watch, I am inclined to believe that in front of me exactly bracelet even despite what is written on the box The Smartwatch from Switzerland (smart watch from Switzerland). The fact that the design of the cronos was developed near Geneva is not enough for the Swiss Made nameplate. Between us, the design is completely borrowed from Pebble. Or did it just happen by chance?

MyKronoz has an OLED screen, Pebble has electronic paper.

If you’ve never seen a Pebble live, you won’t be able to tell for sure what I’m holding in my hands right now.

Everything that the manufacturers of bracelets and watches write should be passed through ten filters of consciousness. For example, not a single smart watch has justified 100% of all the declared capabilities. For Pebble, after the next firmware update, this indicator stopped at 20% of the marketing beauty that was bred on Kickstarter during the fundraiser. The fact that Pebble developers have collected 250,000 pre-orders to date has gone only to the detriment of the entire campaign. The team swelled, forgot about the site and the promised goodies. Until now, there is no display of either Cyrillic or hieroglyphs, although it would seem that it costs nothing to take the decision of our developer on Habré and implement it in the next update. If you are going to buy smart watches in the near future, wait another six months: many new solutions will appear soon.

In contrast, smart bracelets work 100% as the manufacturer claims. MyKronoz ZeWatch can really act as a wireless headset — you just need to answer an incoming call, bring your hand with a bracelet to your mouth and start speaking into the microphone at the bottom of the case.

Thanks to the built-in speaker, the pseudo-Swissman plays music from the iPhone. And the sound is much better than the phone.

MyKronoz ZeWatch takes over the entire audio stream from SMS notifications to voice from the navigator. The latter turned out to be very useful, since the iPhone in the car is located far from me and when the radio is on, it is barely audible. The bracelet helps to make out the commands where to go.

With constant active synchronization with the phone, the 150 mAh MyKronoz battery lasts for 24 hours: bluetooth 2.0 is energy-consuming. And my only complaint is about charging. If at Pebble the cable is attached with magnets (a la magsafe), then at the bracelet everything is decided by a clip that wraps around the device from below and from above so that the contacts on the cover fit into the necessary grooves. The structure is fragile.

In addition, due to the speaker and microphone, this bracelet cannot be bathed in water.

With all these shortcomings, a smart bracelet costs three times less than a smart watch. Who does not need all the bells and whistles of Pebble (which, in fact, are not yet), then it is worth stopping at MyKronoz.

Features of MyKronoz ZeWatch:
– Vibration and playback of the ringtone during an incoming call with the simultaneous display of the name of the caller (Cyrillic is not supported);
– Sound notifications about SMS and calendar events, voice navigation;
— Playing the entire audio stream from the phone — from music to sounds in games (this is the first time I see this);
– The role of a wireless headset with the ability to receive and reject calls;
– Notification when disconnected from the phone.

— Lightweight, only 45 grams;
– It is convenient to use while driving a car;
— Music sounds better through the built-in MyKronoz speaker than from an iPhone.

– OLED screen is hard to see in the sun;
– Weak water resistance;
– No Cyrillic support;
– No stopwatch and date.

We are watching fair promo clip.

Buy a watch
MyKronoz ZeWatch for 3500 rubles.
from the exclusive representative in Russia — the company Chodo

In the comments, I will be happy to hear alternatives that could be tested as part of our reviews. Reviews from real owners are welcome.

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