Pebble smart watches are not in vain called the most advanced among such accessories. They are capable of holding a charge for a record amount of time, fully work with the iOS 7 notification system, and also have a huge community of enthusiasts, thanks to which a large number of screensavers and even applications are available for Pebble. Of course, these smartwatches also have disadvantages — this is the lack of support for the Russian language and inconvenient magnetic charging, which is rather weakly attached to the gadget. The first problem is solved by installing custom firmware with a set of Cyrillic characters, and the second was considered unresolved until recently. Meet fans of convenient Pebble, here is the most convenient dock for your smartwatch.

SIDEKICK — This is a miniature docking station for Pebble, which has two special holes on the sides. The complete cable is placed in the first of them in such a way that the magnetic plug is at the top of the stand. In this position, the smart watch conveniently clings to the dock on the side, while Pebble is supported not only by magnets, but also by the strap itself. The creators of SIDEKICK reported that they tried straps of different weights (including aluminum) and the smartwatch never fell out of the dock.

The hole on the other side of the multifunctional dock is designed not only for smartwatches, but also for any other cables. For example, you can put a Pebble here that doesn’t need to be charged and keep track of all alerts, or MagSage from a MacBook Pro/Air so that it doesn’t fall off the table.

By the way, to the surface of the table SIDEKICK “glued” by means of special micro-suckers that make up the material of the lower part of the stand. Neither a slight movement of the hand, nor a strong kick will move the dock from its place.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to support the project on Kickstarter and thus pre-order such a dock. The creators of the project have already raised the amount for the start of production, which exceeds the required six times, and in the spring the docking stations will go and fly to the first buyers. In the future you will be able to order SIDEKICK in three colors, the price will vary from 17 to 20 US dollars. [Kickstarter]

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