While unofficial.

About plans to implement the compatibility of their «smart watches» Galaxy Gear S2 with the iOS operating system, Samsung announced at the beginning of the year. But sometimes an eternity passes from announcement to implementation. Finally, the developers decided and released the application gear managerwhich serves as a link between the South Korean gadget and the iPhone.

However, the app has yet to be officially released. Instead, the user has access to the IPA installation file, which can only be downloaded by users with devices that have undergone a jailbreak procedure.

The delay in the official release of the application in the App Store is caused by a very strained relationship between Apple and Samsung.


For installation gear manager necessary download IPA file and install it on the iPhone (the application is not compatible with the iPad), and then perform the settings by linking the Galaxy Gear S2 smart watch and smartphone.

Note: The editors are not responsible for installing applications that are not published in the official App Store. Everything you do — you do at your own peril and risk.

It is likely that the application will appear in the App Store very soon. [SM]

There is also an unofficial way to connect the clock under control Android Wear. You can find detailed instructions here.

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