Interaction Gear S2 with iPhone is a matter of time.

Information about the support of the Samsung Gear S2 watch operating system iOS has been confirmed. The SamMobile resource found out that Samsung is developing the first application of the Korean company for iOS. It got the name gear manager and will serve as a companion program for Samsung Gear S2 technology watches. A similar application for managing the Apple Watch is installed on the iPhone by default and is called Watch.

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung initially made it clear that watch support would not be limited to a single platform, but didn’t go into details. Now that the iOS app is in production, the only thing left to do is wait.

Samsung is unlikely to be in a hurry with the release of the program in the App Store, because iPhone owners who want to get a «smart» watch have already purchased an Apple Watch. Those who liked the Gear S2 will have to endure a little. [sammobile]

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