Many have heard, tried it on themselves, and actively use the RunKeeper exercise control application, which has already grown to the version 3.3 and in its last reincarnation acquired a number of interesting features. The most interesting among them is support for the acclaimed Pebble watch.

For those who spent the last year in a tank, we recall that Pebble is an innovative watch with a Bluetooth module and an e-paper display. They can interact with iOS and Android devices, contain their own platform and a whole toolkit for developers. In fact, it turned out to be a kind of constructor in the form factor of a wrist watch. Moreover, the designer is so successful that Apple bought it with giblets (just kidding, it was good on April 1st :).

Now Pebble owners will be able to use this gadget to interact with RunKeeper during a workout, which is much more convenient than taking out the phone. In particular, it is possible to pause and resume the training process in the application, plus view the statistics of the results of sports on the watch display. Not thick, but dashing trouble start.

In addition to «friendship» with Pebble, the new version of RunKeeper received support for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese. Traditionally, known bugs have been fixed, the stability and performance of the application have been improved. [App Store]

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