In the first quarter of 2016, the company is expected to release a line of smart watches and bracelets.

Recently, Nokia announced the start of a recruitment of marketers and copywriters in the field of health. Experts believe that this is due to the development of a new line of wearable gadgets by the company. According to experts, the devices will be presented in the first quarter of next year.

nokia wearables

As you know, the ratings of Nokia smartphones are very low and for this reason the company decided to focus on working on virtual reality devices and wearable electronics. HTC has done the same before. According to rumors, work on a series of wearable gadgets from the Finnish manufacturer has already been completed and at the moment preparations are underway for their release.

According to preliminary data, the devices will run on Android and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the user. It is expected that the new line will include not only smart watches, but also fitness bracelets. [gsmdome]

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