Apple Watch has always been something incomprehensible to me. On the one hand, this is an additional accessory for the iPhone, which is optional for purchase, and on the other hand, it is an independent (almost) device that is of interest.

The idea of ​​buying an Apple Watch first came to me in April 2018. But then I weighed all the pros and cons, and realized that I didn’t need a watch.

But at the end of May of this year, Amazon was having a Memorial Day sale. Apple Watch Series 3 42 mm sold for $229 or 14,500 rubles. Even Avito rarely comes across used watches for such a price, at least in Rostov-on-Don.

I still didn’t understand why I needed an Apple Watch, but a good discount did the trick. Placed an order, and at the same time bought two additional straps. Together with delivery, it cost me $ 284, or almost 18 thousand rubles, which is still very profitable.

Two weeks later I received the treasured package and began to study the Apple Watch.

All photos taken on iPhone 8 Plus

1. Top design, of course

When I saw the Apple Watch in 2014, they seemed ugly to me, even scary hours. But over the years, this design began to like more and more.

The appearance of the Apple Watch is universal and suitable for any style of clothing. The main thing is to choose the right strap.

For every day I bought the Loop of Milan, and for training I change it for a sports bracelet. I don’t like the standard strap at all because of the attachment. It’s not particularly reliable.

2. Lots of beautiful watch faces


I use the Modular Dial and added a Simple Dial just in case I have to wear a suit.

I don’t like Apple’s watch face policy at all. I don’t need the Apple Watch Series 4 infograph. But I would love to put «California» instead of a simple dial.

I won’t be able to do this, because only Apple Watch Series 4 got “California” and almost all the watch faces with watchOS 6. The owners of the watches of the previous generation were left with frankly dumb dials.

3. Mega fast and easy Mac unlock


I have a 2017 MacBook Pro without Touch Bar and Touch ID. When I opened the lid, I constantly had to enter a four-digit code to unlock the laptop.

I can’t say that it bothered me a lot, but with the Apple Watch, I happily forgot about it. Unlock works without failures and delays.

4. Convenient Apple Pay

For two years I got used to Apple Pay. Paying by phone is unrealistically convenient, because it is almost always in your hands or pocket.

Apple Watch is also convenient to pay, but only in the case when you don’t want to get the phone. I always put my watch on the terminal now when I ride my bike.

5. Mixed workout performance

Apple Watch was interesting to me as a sports accessory, or rather, as a bike tracker.

Before buying the Apple Watch, I used the Strava app on my iPhone to track my progress. On the Apple Watch, I use the standard Workouts. And then I have Questions I haven’t found an answer to yet. Maybe you can tell in the comments.

The fact is that the indicators with the Apple Watch and iPhone are different, in places strikingly.

Distance is fine. The difference in a kilometer could have been avoided if I had not paused the workout.

But the average speed is very different: 14.6 km / h on the Apple Watch and 18.1 km / h on the iPhone. I have an assumption that the applications have a different method of counting, although I’m not sure about this.

The altitude difference is the most different: 91 m on the Apple Watch and 211 m on the iPhone. At first I thought that the Apple Watch recorded the maximum height, but it does not, because the maximum I had was 48 m above sea level. Why the figures differ so much is not clear.

I liked that while driving, the watch periodically sends a notification about the distance traveled and average speed.

It is equally convenient to switch music from the watch and adjust the volume when I ride a bike.

6. Easy to view notifications

I’ve heard a lot about how the Apple Watch is perfect for viewing notifications. Partly agree.

When a notification arrives and the phone is in your pocket, you instinctively raise your hand and see everything. It’s great that you can not only view notifications, but also respond to them.

However, buying an Apple Watch just to see notifications is a waste of money. IMHO. The iPhone handles this perfectly, it is not so difficult to take it out of your pocket.

7. Calls. But this is cool!

This is a really useful feature. I also use it when I ride a bike. The interlocutors hear me normally, except that the volume of the speaker is not enough, especially on the highway.

In other situations, I answer a call from the watch through AirPods.

8. No useful apps

I have high hopes for the App Store in watchOS 6, but for now, apps on the Apple Watch are nothing more than pampering.

Now I have opened the list of applications to see which ones I actually use. There are few of them: Weather, Calendar, Reminders, Workouts, Music and Activity. Sometimes I reply to messages in Telegram.

As you can see, these are mostly standard programs. I have a currency converter installed, but I don’t run it because it’s easier to ask Siri.

The situation with software for AW is generally dull, there really is nothing to put there.

9. Excellent autonomy

An equally important indicator that completely satisfies me. Apple promises up to 18 hours of battery life, in fact they are enough for two full days.

It absolutely does not soar that the watch has to be charged three or four times a week. I already have so many devices that need to be charged, so the clock does not greatly affect the overall picture.

10. This is a standalone device

But only in very limited tasks.

In theory, now you can ride a bike without a phone without any problems. With Apple Watch, you can pay and record trips.

However, the iPhone is not yet ready to upload, because then I will not be able to view and respond to notifications. Also on the iPhone there is a full-fledged navigation, without which it is sometimes very difficult.

And yet, buy an Apple Watch or not?

Initially, I reviewed and read a bunch of reviews, and for different generations. From a single review, I did not understand whether I needed this watch or not. The situation began to clear up only after the purchase.

Still, the Apple Watch is indeed the most personal Apple device, because everyone has their own whims and everyone needs something of their own from this watch.

It remains for me to figure out the training and then I will definitely enjoy these hours.

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