While those who managed to snip off Pebble watches shine with happiness, and those who didn’t manage to bite their elbows, similar solutions have already begun to appear on the market … Similar whether?

Project MetaWatch valid since September last year. Initially, the developers had a Bluetooth watch that was compatible only with Android OS and equipped with the most common Bluetooth 2.1 module. Today the team announced a new model, already with Bluetooth 4.0 and iOS support.

The advantages of the fourth Bluetooth are, first of all, low power consumption, which made it possible to equip the watch with an LCD matrix with a resolution of 96×96 pixels — against the 144×168 e-ink display in Pebble. As for the body materials, MetaWatch is similar to the iPhone: glass on the front, stainless steel on the sides, while Pebble is made of ordinary plastic. Sensors? The same as in Pebble, plus a light sensor and two more programmable buttons.

However, these two devices cannot be directly compared. You see, MetaWatch is not so much a consumer product as it is a platform for third-party development. A certain company buys a watch ($199 per copy) and develops its own software for it (the SDK is included in the price), after which it uses it as it pleases. Maybe she decides to sell them to you, or maybe she uses them for internal purposes — no one knows! All hope is on the MetaWatch team itself, but it seems to be completely uninterested in entering the consumer market.

However, potential competitors still have plenty of time. The first copies of Pebble, we recall, will find their owners at the beginning of the autumn season. [gizmodo]

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