Despite their skepticism about smartwatches, Swiss mechanical watch makers are not sitting idly by. For example, Tag Heuer is merging with Google, and IWC Schaffhausen created an additional smart accessory for his mechanical watches, which is placed on their strap.

On average, IWC Schaffhausen mechanical watches cost $7–15 thousand and for the most part they are classic, but very reliable and high-quality models without frills. Although, the range of the company is large. However, she is not going to change traditions and embed electronic components into the mechanics or create purely electronic smart watches.

We do not intend to damage or alter our fine mechanical watches.
Georges Kern, head of IWC Schaffhausen

Instead, the company created an additional accessory IWC Connectwhich is neatly placed on the bracelet of branded watches, does not spoil their appearance and at the same time adds fashionable smart functions.

There is no information about the exact characteristics of the gadget yet. It is only known that IWC Connect can be «connected to other devices», that is, to smartphones. In addition, the novelty will monitor the user’s physical activity, that is, it is a kind of sports tracker. The manufacturer also does not cover the exact release date of the accessory and its price, promising to release IWC Connect “soon”.

Many of our customers are already using various kinds of wearable devices at the same time as IWC watches. But with IWC Connect, they no longer have to carry extra accessories on their wrists.
Georges Kern, head of IWC Schaffhausen


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