The idea of ​​making smartwatches has suddenly become very popular. Some manufacturers have already released their devices, while others are just preparing to master a new line of business for themselves. And Intel may soon enter this market.

About a month ago, it became known that Basis Science wants to sell its smartwatch business and is looking for interested buyers among technology companies. At the same time, negotiations were held with Apple and Google. The possibility of entering into an agreement with Samsung and Microsoft was also mentioned. However, in the end, Intel acted as the buyer. The exact amount of the transaction is not called. According to various sources, it can be either “about $100 million” or “closer to $150 million”.

Intel can use Basis Science to strengthen its position in competition with other chip manufacturers: Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics. Currently, they offer a wide range of sensors for wearable electronic devices. With the purchase of Basis Science, Intel can also offer its own smartwatch reference design. [Techcrunch]

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