Modern multi-tools cannot be compared in functionality with basic tools: a knife, a stick or a rope. And if there are no problems with sticks, everyone has already acquired a good knife, then about ropes units thought.

Fortunately, technological progress has given us paracord — a cable of several braided threads in a nylon sheath. Such a strong and light rope can help out in many situations: from applying a tourniquet to building traps for animals.

Paracord can always be carried with you by rolling a few meters of rope. in a bracelet. Burnt «survivors» complement the core with a fishing line or even a bowstring.

Such bracelets can be a functional accessory for an ordinary city dweller. For example, Survival Bracelet from Easymoo.

The basis is seven braided threads, such a rope can withstand 250 kg loads and stretches a little. In addition to 3.5 meters of paracord, several more useful tools fit into the bracelet. Here is the complete list:

  1. flint and steel for kindling a fire
  2. Phillips and straight screwdrivers
  3. wrenches of different sizes
  4. SIM card tray clip
  5. bottle opener
  6. compass
  7. whistle
  8. flashlight with SOS mode
  9. small blades
  10. serrated knife

If desired, the accessory can be supplemented, for example, with a needle or a fishing hook. However, hardly anyone will have to make a bow or a fishing rod out of paracord. But such a bracelet will be very useful when you have to kindle a fire from nothing, pry something or shine it.

Such bracelets are made by all and sundry. In addition, it is very easy to make it yourself, there would be suitable accessories. You can order even from Amazon, even from China, but bracelets from China are sent without flint.

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from Amazon: Easymoo Survival Paracord Bracelet $7.99 + $21.4 Shipping

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