A small life hack and a feature that I still did not know about. You need to look into the watch settings application more often.

For many years, Apple Watch has been able to pronounce the time — through a request to Siri, or in a watch face with heroes Disney (with corresponding votes). Thanks to the reader @vovkaprigarinwho recently suggested that a similar function can be enable for absolutely any watch face.

For this:

one. Opening the application watch on the iPhone.

2. Go to the menu Watch

3. Turn on the setting time out loud.

4. Put two fingers on the Apple Watch screen for one second.

Siri will announce the current time aloud, such as «twelve fifteen minutes eight seconds.» You can now answer people who ask what time it is.

In the same menu, speech is also enabled for silent mode. By default, Siri will not say anything in it.

But that’s not all. You can also enable tactile transmission of the current time — it will work in silent mode when you put two fingers on the dial:

▪ open watch on iPhone
▪ go to the menu Watch

▪ go to the section Time is tactile

▪ turn on option of the same name

In section Time is tactile You can set how exactly the watch will vibrate when the function is activated. By default and with customization «Numbers» the sequence of vibrations is as follows: first there are long vibrations for every ten hours and short vibrations for every next hour, and then long vibrations for every 10 minutes and short vibrations for every minute.

For example, 12:15:08 hours will be transmitted like this: long vibration, two short vibrations, long vibration, five short vibrations.

with customization «Brief» long vibrations will go every 5 hours, short vibrations every hour, and minutes will be transmitted in an abbreviated format, a long vibration every full 15 minutes.

Finally, one can choose «Morse code». Everything should be clear here, the main thing is to know the alphabet itself.

Setting Time is tactile objectively it will be even more useful than pronunciation. With it, you can quietly read the current time without lifting the clock and activating its backlight. For example, when you are sitting in the cinema or the theater, or at negotiations, where for some reason it is inconvenient to look at the clock. Almost like telepathy turns out, a good feature.

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