Especially for those who are waiting for something.

There are many reasons why the iPad Pro is worth picking up: a super-powerful processor, a killer 4K screen, super speakers, Pencil support. They added one more.

Here are the prices for the PCT


One store started selling iPad Pro at super-low prices. Much cheaper than average Yandex.Market:

iPad Pro 128Gb Wi-Fi + LTE: 81 690 rubles 72 999 rubles
Your savings: 8 690 rubles.

iPad Pro 128Gb WiFi: 73 982 rubles 64 999 rubles
Your savings: 8 980 rubles.

iPad Pro 32Gb WiFi: 60 990 rubles 52 499 rubles
Your savings: 8 490 rubles.

The main thing: all iPad Pro official, PCT, no gray models. New, unopened, with an official 1 year warranty and free shipping across Russia.

More Discount on iPad Pro Accessories

Here in general atas. For such money Smart Case you won’t find it anywhere. Use promo code hochu_skidku to activate secret discounts. Some of them are below:

  • Case Smart Case for Apple iPad Pro: it was 4,999, it became 2,999 rubles
  • Keyboard Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case: it was 17,899, it became 15,999 rubles
  • Silicone Case for iPad Pro: was 6,499, became 5,999 rubles
  • Cover Smart Cover for iPad Pro: was 5,499, became 4,999 rubles
  • Protective films for iPad Pro: it was 999, it became 500 rubles
  • Protective glass for iPad Pro: it was 1,999 rubles, it became 1,000 rubles

Prices, availability and full range check on the website.

And a bonus discount on Apple Watch


The most masculine Apple watch model for a minimum of money. Dial 42 mm, brand new, sealed. For yourself or as a gift:

Apple Watch Sport 42mm with black sports strap: 31 500 rubles 26 999 rubles
Your savings: 4 500 rubles.

Good price. It’s even a shame, a couple of months ago I bought a 38-mm watch for 1,000 rubles more. And here is more dial. Well, okay, someone’s lucky.

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