Manufacturers of promising and popular fitness devices are afraid of the Apple Watch. And don’t be afraid to talk about it.

Fitbit went public on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday. After the announcement of the start of registration, verification of documents and the study of Fitbit’s sales ratings began. Tim Bradshaw of The Financial Times noticed that the company talks a lot about the comparison and competitiveness of the Apple Watch.

For example, Apple recently introduced its smartwatches with comprehensive functionality, including health and fitness tracking for the wearer. We also compete with a wide range of individual health-based gadgets and mobile fitness apps that can be purchased or downloaded through specialty stores.

Apple has launched similar products that track the user’s health — Healthkit in iOS 8, Activity and Workout apps in the Apple Watch. At the same time, Fitbit hardware products were removed from Apple retail stores at the end of last year. Fitbit itself has said it has no plans to update its products to work with Apple’s HealthKit software framework. All in all, the competition is fierce.


Given that Fitbit’s hardware products overlap with the Apple Watch, it’s interesting to look at the company’s financials. According to IPO documents, Fitbit sold just under 11 million devices in 2014 and generated $745 million in total revenue. It remains not to forget to compare with the Apple Watch sales statistics — at least in the category of smart watches, they will be leaders, but among fitness bracelets … [9to5]

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