Smart wearables are gradually taking over the market. Today, Fitbit, its leader, introduced the new Flex 2 fitness tracker, which is radically different from its predecessor.


Flex 2 is a slim fitness tracker that tracks laps, duration and calories burned. The tracker itself can detach from the strap, connect to another strap, or be worn around the neck as a pendant. It does not use a display, but daily achievements or notifications are displayed using five built-in LEDs.

It does not have heart rate sensors and GPS. Instead of the latter, the Fitbit Track intelligent system is used, which automatically determines the beginning of a particular exercise. With a long «sitting» the bracelet begins to vibrate. In addition, it works up to 50 meters underwater, and automatically recognizes when the wearer is swimming. Flex 2 holds a charge up to 5 days.

The Fitbit Flex 2 comes in three finishes: Gold, Silver and 22K Rose Gold. The device costs $99.


Following Flex 2, Fitbit introduced the Charge 2 fitness bracelet. The first difference from its predecessor is a four times larger display, though not a touchscreen. Management is still the same with a single physical button. The tracker menu has a submenu section, which can be accessed by tapping the screen.

In addition, the bracelet has a built-in GPS module that allows you to more accurately track the movement of the owner. In conjunction with the phone, he is able to distinguish between the type of movement: walking, running or cycling. At the end of the exercise, the result will be entered into the Fitbit app.

The developers have added a Cardio Fitness feature to the tracker that uses data on age, gender and weight along with the level of heart rate. Based on them, the tracker sets a cardio goal that must be achieved daily.

Finally, the Relax function appeared, which is responsible for the user’s breathing. It will encourage the owner to perform two to five minutes of breathing exercises, but somewhat different than in watchOS 3.0 for Apple Watch.

The price of the gadget starts at $149. Battery life on a single charge is up to 5 days. [The Verge]

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