In this collection, we will talk about the most unusual items among affordable smartwatches.

Alcatel One Touch Watch


Compatibility: iOS, Android
autonomy: 2-3 days
Water resistance: IP67 (up to 30 minutes immersion to a depth of 1m)

With your appearance Alcatel One Touch Watch reminiscent of Moto 360, and they can be perceived as a much cheaper alternative, which is compatible not only with Android OS, but also with iOS too. The second plus is a good battery life compared to solutions based on Android Wear or Apple Watch — from two to three days, depending on the intensity of use of the gadget.

Aluminum, Gorilla Glass with rounded edges and oleophobic coating, 1.22-inch IPS display (240×204 pixels), Bluetooth 4.0 LE, NFC, optical heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter and electronic compass — all this is hidden in a compact body with 41.8 x 10.5 mm in size, and the watch weighs only 60 g. As you can see, the device is technically very strong and offers everything the same as more expensive models from other manufacturers for a rather modest price.

In particular, Alcatel OneTouch Watch is capable of displaying notifications about calls, SMS, mail and from any applications from a smartphone. In addition, it is an activity tracker with the function of counting steps and calories burned, monitoring the quality of sleep and with the ability to determine the heart rate. There is a quiet alarm (uses vibration), a wide range of watch faces and wallpaper support. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of a standard USB plug built into the strap for recharging the device, which is convenient. You don’t need to carry an extra cable with you, and you’re not afraid to lose the complete one, as is the case with models that use a proprietary connector (almost all of them).

Price: 9990 rub.

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Casio STB-1000

Compatibility: iOS
autonomy: 2 years
Water resistance: 10 atm (you can swim and even dive to a shallow depth, but do not get carried away)


In terms of autonomy, Japanese Casio electronic watches have always been ahead of the rest, and the company has maintained this positive trend in its smart watches. Two years on one CR2032 battery is no joke.

The STB-1000 model is aimed at people who lead an active lifestyle, who prefer cycling or jogging in the park to a sofa and TV. The watch is compatible with a range of iOS fitness apps including Wahoo Fitness, Runmeter, Walkmeter, Cyclemeter. During training, the screen displays related information about the speed of movement, distance, etc., and you can independently configure the clock interface for the sport mode.

Want to control music playback from your smartphone while you run? No problem — in the Casio STB-1000, you can use five hardware buttons for this, so you are subject to everything, including the volume in the headphones. In addition, with this clock you will not miss calls, SMS and will receive notifications from other applications.

Traditionally, Casio watches are shockproof (not as cool as the G-Shock series, but much better than most modern smartwatches) and sealed. They can swim in the pool and even dive. The STB-1000 feature is that it is almost a classic Casio electronic watch, but with a full set of smart functions and good sports functionality, while being inexpensive.

Price: 7190 rub.

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Casio Edifice EQB-500

Compatibility: iOS, Android
autonomy: infinite (built-in solar panel + battery)
Water resistance: 10 atm (you can swim and even dive to a shallow depth, but do not get carried away)


This is Casio’s first pointer smart watch and, in principle, the only «smart» watch in the world with a built-in solar battery. That is, in theory, their autonomy is infinite, in practice, everything depends on the battery life and operating conditions. In the dark, they can lie without the energy of the sun, but continue to function up to 33 months. In general, we forget not only about any recharging, but also about replacing the battery.

Edifice EQB-500 attracts with its frankly masculine, brutal appearance and an abundance of arrows. Still, in front of you is a chronograph that can accurately measure the passage of time down to tenths of a second. The problem with all chronographs is the difficulty of managing them, but not in the case of the model in question. Thanks to these «smart» functions, you can easily configure any parameter of the accessory through a proprietary application. And when the time is automatically synchronized on the watch and in the smartphone, during which the hands begin to live their own lives, it’s just a must see, very impressive:

Edifice EQB-500 also report new emails, but that’s where their smart features end — without an LCD display on the watch, you can’t really go wild with notifications. The chip of the device in question is in another. This is a great, beautiful men’s accessory that will suit both a business suit and a casual style. This is primarily a functional watch. This is a cool chronograph, and the most comfortable in the world in terms of control, which is achieved through the built-in Bluetooth module and a smartphone application. And you will never have to worry about charging the Edifice EQB-500 or changing the batteries in them.

Price: from 22490 rub.

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LG Urbane

autonomy: 2 days
Water resistance: 3 atm (splash resistant, but not recommended for swimming)


In the first two models of its smartwatches, LG did not put much emphasis on design, focusing on functionality, but in LG Urbane she was able to qualitatively combine both of these components. A chic round OLED display (1.3 inches, 320×320 pixels), hidden in a polished steel case with rather thin frames and a high-quality leather strap, powerful stuffing (Snapdragon 400, 512 MB RAM, 410 mAh battery, optical heart rate monitor, 9- axial accelerometer, Wi-Fi module) and the latest version of Android Wear with wireless remote support. That is, your phone may be somewhere in the bowels of the office five floors from your current location, but you will still receive notifications. The fact is that the watch itself is able to connect to a Wi-Fi network and synchronize with a smartphone via the cloud, even if it is in a completely different wireless network. By the way, Apple Watch can do almost the same, with the only difference being that the watch and iPhone must be on the same Wi-Fi network.

As for the functionality, it is quite standard for the Android Wear platform, which, with the release of the Apple Watch, began to develop very actively, and this pleases. The only pity is that it still does not have official support for iOS. It is also worth highlighting a good autonomy. You can safely count on 1.5 days even with the maximum load on the watch, including the constantly active display. If you mess with energy saving, then a couple of days LG Urbane will work easily. A big plus for LG smartwatches is that they are among the first to receive Android Wear updates.

If you prefer Android smartphones and want to get the coolest functional Android Wear smartwatches, check out the LG Urbane.

Price: from 17500 rub.

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Garmin Fenix ​​3


Compatibility: iOS, Android
autonomy:from 20 hours with activated GPS up to 6 weeks
Water resistance: 10 atm (you can swim and even dive to a shallow depth, but do not get carried away)

This seems to be the best smartwatch of the entire collection for people who are seriously into sports, whether it’s running, cycling, triathlon, cross-fit and any other physical activity. Still, Garmin has been specializing in this kind of devices for many years and this is the company’s flagship. Unlike its predecessors and some other models, Garmin Fenix ​​3 it is also the most versatile gadget that can effectively interact with a smartphone, not only in the field of sports. For example, the watch supports notifications from iPhone and Android devices, can act as a traditional activity tracker and monitor the quality of sleep. There is a quiet alarm clock and a reminder function, they say, it would be time to move the little body and disperse the blood, otherwise it stayed too long. Well, if you start training with Fenix ​​3 on your arm, then be sure that you will eventually learn everything about it, and the watch will help in the process, signaling with sound, vibration and displaying data on a 1.2-inch color display (218×218 pixels). ).

Some equipment options include a chest heart rate monitor that connects to the watch via ANT+ protocol, although you can use any other if you wish, as with most Garmin devices. It provides the most efficient heart rate tracking for accurate current load, calorie burn calculation, and allows you to control your workout for maximum efficiency. Monitoring heart rate zones and tips during training are only part of the device’s capabilities. But it also has built-in GPS and GLONASS receivers, an independent Wi-Fi module, and a barometer. All data is carefully stored in the watch’s memory, after which it is synchronized with the smartphone and with the cloud. The ability to analyze a workout in detail is worth a lot, because it allows you to make the necessary adjustments to improve results. In general, you can talk about the sports component for a long time — it is very rich, but Garmin Fenix ​​3 also looks cool.

A choice of rubber strap or steel bracelet, mineral glass or sapphire, steel bezel with black PWD coating or in its natural color.

If you’re serious about sports and need a truly functional yet versatile watch, it’s hard to find something better than the Garmin Fenix ​​3.

Price: from 37300 rub.

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Withings Active


Compatibility: iOS, Android
autonomy: 6-8 months
Water resistance: 5 atm (easily survive swimming in the pool, but diving in them is not recommended)

At first glance, you can’t tell that Withings Activite is not just a stylish Swiss watch with a steel case and sapphire crystal, but also an activity tracker. Its indicator is neatly disguised as an additional dial with a thin hand.

There is nothing superfluous and distracting in this device, not even a factory crown, which, in principle, is not needed here. All control is carried out through a proprietary application for iOS and Android. It also displays detailed statistics about your physical activity and sleep quality. The good news is that you don’t have to bother with charging the device. Batteries CR2025 enough for 6-8 months.

An excellent replacement for a classic watch, for those who prefer minimalism and do not want to carry an extra gadget on their wrist, but want to monitor their physical activity.

Price: 32500 rub.

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