The most famous line of Casio watches is called G-Shock. The company also has ProTrek, Sheen, Oceanus, Baby-G, Edifice. Today I will talk about the latter.

Edifice (edifis) are Kasio’s signature chronographs. They have always been in the shadow of shocks and pro-tracks, for two reasons:

  1. few people in life will come to mind to measure tenths and hundredths of seconds;
  2. to memorize all combinations of Edifice’s controls in your mind, you must at least have a Ph.D.

Casio took all this into account and announced in March at the Swiss watch exhibition Baselworld a new chronograph model. Edifice EQB-500 with a wireless module on board. These are generally the first Casio switchers of this level that can synchronize with smartphones.

In my reviews of the STB-1000, GB-6900, GB-5600, I complained more than once that the batteries in a bluetooth watch last only six months or a year with active use. The EQB-500 is the first Casio smartwatch that will last forever (Apple engineers groan at this point), powered by the sun’s rays, thanks to technology Tough Solar.


Available in two colors with a dark PVD coating and one in steel.


Casio somehow managed to shrink the motor by 26%. A solar battery and an improved bluetooth module from LAPIS Semiconductor took up the vacated space.

As soon as you take the watch out of the box, you immediately feel its considerable weight — almost 200 g. The steel bracelet takes half of it, because of which their weight is distributed evenly over the entire hand and does not cause fatigue. Moreover, I began to sleep in them, because I have never seen such a loud alarm clock as the EQB-500 in any wristwatch. Compare the signal level for yourself in the diagram below.

Edifice EQB-500, Protrek PRW-3000, G-Shock AWG-100

AT video review Below I did a live test.

If it is a chronograph, then it must have at least three sub-dials. The EQB-500 has four, including a retrograde day of the week indicator. In fact, in ordinary life, more than two will not be needed, because 90% of the time SUVs drive only on asphalt.


World time can be set for 300 cities and it will be displayed on a small copy of the main dial. Switching between home and world time occurs with one press of a button on the case. There is no shock!


Nerves of steel — this is about Edifice.


Synchronization with a smartphone is carried out using the bluetooth 4.0 protocol through the proprietary Casio Watch + application.


After connecting, the iPhone takes over the configuration of all watch functions. Agree, it is always easier to control from the screen than from the buttons.


I expected a lot of notifications here — from SMS to updating the twitter feed, but there are none. Of the standard functions, only mail checking is present. If you want everything at once, buy «smart» G-shocks, but then lose the solar battery. Bluetooth in the EQB-500 is only needed for instant setup chronograph to suit your needs. I assure you, without a smartphone, you will spend half your life, for example, searching for a translation of the calendar.

The model is equipped with technology Multi Mission Drivewhen one arrow can act in different guises. For example, the second turns into indicators for turning on bluetooth, an alarm clock.


Although the watch is heaped up, but their dial is quite restrained. Compare with the brain-exploding fellow from the G-shock camp.

G-Shock GW-4000D vs. Edifice EQB-500

Restraint is also present in the fluorescent lighting. Now is the day.


And here is the night. Panerai, G-shocks and Victorinox shine brightest of all. Fluffing the tail is not about Edifice. They don’t have to prove anything. He threw a quick glance at his watch, counted the time — and the pedal to the floor towards the setting sun.


Edifice are promoted mainly through Formula 1. Red Bull team drivers 4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, race car designer Adrian Newey only wear this watch. Everything is fair. Accuracy to hundredths of a second brought these people forward more than once.


What is the result: in front of me is the first chronograph that I want to wear and wear. Discreet, powerful and easy to use. To protect against vibrations, alpha gel is used, as in ji-shocks. Watches of real men.

«Steel» stands in Russia 17 990 ₽;,
black with PVD coating traditionally have a higher price tag — 23 690 ₽.

Before November 9 by promo code iPhones There is a 10% discount on all Casio models.

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