Only 8 times cheaper than an Apple gold watch.

«Smart watch» in a premium version with a case covered with 950 gold, will soon be released by LG. LG Corporation expects the Watch Urbane Luxe to become a worthy competitor to the American Apple Watch.

The gold-plated case for the Watch Urbane Luxe is in harmony with the strap made of crocodile leather, and the watch itself will be sold in a lacquered wooden box. The gadget will be controlled by the Android Wear operating system. LG management emphasizes that Watch Urbane Luxe is not an addition to a smartphone, it is an absolutely independent accessory for business people.

Watch Urbane Luxe, which was created by LG specialists together with American jewelers from Reeds Jewelers, can be ordered now on the website of the above company. The price of such a watch is 1200 US dollars, and it is relatively inexpensive.

Do not forget that the premium watch model from Apple, Apple Watch Edition, made using 18-carat gold, costs 660,000 rubles (about 10,000 US dollars) in the manufacturer’s Russian online store in the minimum configuration. True, it is impossible to say anything unequivocally about how commercially successful compared to the Apple Watch Edition will be a new product from LG. []

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