DigiTimes credits the second generation of Apple Watch smartwatches with using an all-glass display (One Glass Solution) instead of the double glass used today (Glass on Glass). This is exactly the information the source received from one of the component suppliers.

The use of single glass in the design of the smart watch display will allow the company to make the Apple Watch 2 case much thinner. The One Glass Solution technology avoids the use of an additional glass layer, which has a positive effect on the final weight of the device.


One of Apple’s suppliers, TPK Holding, emphasizes that the production of such displays is not very profitable for the American manufacturer. Whether the complexity of producing a smartwatch screen will affect the overall production volume is a question that Apple has yet to decide.

Initially, Apple made the decision to switch to OGS (single glass) panels after the announcement of the financial results of the second quarter of 2016. Steadily falling demand for the iPhone forced the company to look for options to reduce the cost of production. Alas, the level of profitability of the production of OGS-screens turned out to be much lower.


Apple’s new smartwatch is credited with only minor design changes, an improved battery, and a more powerful processor. The announcement of the device may take place as early as September this year, along with the presentation of the iPhone 7. Analysts believe that the Apple Watch 2 may go on sale as early as September 16th. [MR]

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