Amazon introduced the Halo fitness bracelet. It does not have a display, and this alone distinguishes it from competitors.

But it doesn’t end there. With the help of a proprietary application and a camera, you can create a 3D scan of your body to make it easier to track various changes. Halo also monitors body fat percentage, heart rate, sleep quality, voice tone and emotions, and other indicators.

Amazon believes that body fat percentage is more important than weight or body mass index. The measurement of this indicator is «an order of magnitude higher» than that of a smart watch.

Surprisingly, the two built-in microphones are only needed for voice tracking. There is no Alexa assistant here.

Early access early access users can order Amazon Halo for $64.99. At the start of sales, the price will rise to $99 or 7.5 thousand rubles. A subscription to an extended service will cost $4 or 300 rubles per month. [The Verge]

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