The popularity of wearable «smart» accessories has already reached incredible proportions, although none of the leaders in smartphone manufacturing has released such gadgets. There have been attempts at writing by Motorola, the Japanese from Sony are also trying themselves in this direction with their smartwatches, but the real breakthrough in this industry was the Pebble watch, which raised a record 10 million dollars on Kickstarter. And these numbers continue to grow, even with not the fastest delivery of smartwatches around the world.

The other day it was officially announced that Pebble watches were ordered for 275 thousand times, of which 93 thousand have already been delivered to their owners in more than 150 countries since the beginning of January this year. The Pebble SmartWatch app that syncs the watch with iOS/Android devices has been downloaded over a million times. Touched by these figures, the head of Pebble Eric Migikovski (Eric Migicovsky) wrote the following:

I want to start off by saying that the Pebble user community is incredible. Your enthusiasm for the whole concept of our smartwatches is very inspiring. You constantly post pictures of your Pebbles and show us ways to use them in ways we never dreamed possible. You’ve created hundreds of apps for Pebble, extra straps, watch stickers, docks and watch faces. Our mission is to create the best smartwatches and their ecosystem.

Pebble’s CEO hopes to sell even more of his smartwatches in the near future. Already, the gadget is being sold offline for the first time — in the American supermarket chain Best Buy, while the company is thinking about how to improve the delivery of its product from the warehouse to the customer’s home.

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