The current situation in the smartwatch market is in many ways reminiscent of the years and months before the sale of the very first iPhone. To date, no manufacturer has been able to release a truly breakthrough device that can instantly reshape consumer expectations. Samsung, LG, Motorola and others have so far gotten away with niche models and are now feeding consumers prototypes and demos — but not finished products. You have to choose between compromises.

If you were looking for a smart bracelet, the choice among the best options would be limited to only two models — Jawbone UP and Misfit Shine. But if you just want a smartwatch that makes it easy to work with your smartphone and a constant stream of incoming messages and alerts, you have only one option. It hasn’t had a single competitor for two years, and there doesn’t seem to be any in sight before the release of the iWatch.

it Pebble.

Many gadgets seem interesting on paper and pictures, but in real use they turn out to be inconvenient, ill-conceived, and too narrowly focused. «Smart watch» Pebble is an example of a rare, strictly opposite situation. This is a thing that is ideal for anyone who has so far looked askance at the entire market of wearable devices. For example, I did not see any benefit in using them. Or was upset by typical shortcomings and limitations.

Prejudices for a whole year and a half stopped me personally from acquiring Pebble. Three great months after the purchase, I want to share with you six reasons to do the same: throw all stereotypes about smartwatches in the trash and start wearing your own assistant on your arm.

No. 1. Huge selection of software and watch faces

With their tiny size and low weight, Pebble have own App Store. In the official application for iOS and Android, the owners of the aforementioned smart watches can download and install any of the tens of thousands of watch faces. Today, no such device has such a choice: from countless stylizations for analog watches up to the second hands to the most informative digital watches with the display of current weather, wind strength and the lunar cycle.

Pebble supports up to eight simultaneously installed watch faces (or programs). Switching between them is instant, just press one of the side buttons in standby mode. The rest of the «watch» is added to your personal storage — in the memory of the Pebble iOS app. Such a system allows you to select a couple of dozen dials to your liking and change them at your discretion at any time.

Do you want something modern, under sportswear? Or maybe in the style of a famous artist or video game? How about something with a twist on the manufacturer of real watches? All this and more is in the Pebble store. I almost forgot: everything in this store is free.

No. 2. Down with useless iPhone notifications

Push notifications on iOS are sometimes as annoying as email spam. Notifications about incoming SMS, messages from social networks and installed applications are pouring almost non-stop into the ears of smartphone owners today. And every time they have to take the device out of their pocket — and put it back in frustration. The ratio of information noise, distracting from business, becomes alarmingly high.

Pebble owners make it easy. They just look at watch and go further.

Notifications from the game Walking War Robots are displayed on the watch screen

All notifications (SMS, WhatsApp, games, reminders, etc.) that come to the iPhone are instantly displayed on the Pebble screen, accompanied by a vibration signal. One glance is enough to understand who or what bothered you. It seems to be such a trifle — but the convenience is simply incredible. After all, now you don’t need to check your smartphone at all. Everything important that happens in your social networks and instant messengers will always be in sight — without unnecessary movements. Why do you need Google Glass when you can see everything on your own watch?

To display Cyrillic on the Pebble screen, spend 5 minutes of time updating the watch according to the instructions below.

Number 3. Music playback control

I don’t know about you, but I use headphones without a control unit. Until now, many models of vacuum plugs, interesting from an audiophile point of view, are not equipped with such a simple thing — or they cost twice as much just because of the remote control on the cable. It would seem, and here Pebble?

In standby mode, one click away, the Pebble user has access to a music playback control panel. The screen displays the artist, album, and title of each track. With the side buttons, you can instantly scroll through the songs, and with a simple combination, you can adjust the playback volume. Nothing more is needed for the complete happiness of a music lover.

Controlling music playback on iDevice through Pebble can be convenient in other scenarios. For example, when connecting an iPhone to home acoustics: you can change tracks on the go without going to the speaker or smartphone. Smart watches act as a mobile remote control and do their job flawlessly.

#4 A Week of Real Battery Life

Very often, future iWatch owners complain that the battery life of the new Apple gadget is unlikely to be long. The thought is logical: to fit a capacious battery inside a portable watch is not an easy task. The creators of Pebble solved it very simply, eliminating not the consequence of the problem, but its very cause.

The Pebble has a small black and white screen. This fact scares off a good half of potential buyers. And very in vain. Custom designed display Sharp solves a lot of important problems that owners of future smart watches will definitely face. For example, the visibility of information under the direct rays of the sun. Everything that Pebble shows you is perfectly visible in almost any situation. And in the dark, you can activate the backlight of the screen.

So, thanks to the energy efficient display, Pebble can work a week. With the most active use of this watch, including a constant connection via Bluetooth, auto-lighting, and regular installation and removal of new programs, Pebble will work longer three days. There is nothing else like it on the market. And it probably won’t be any time soon.

No. 5. Silent vibration alarm

Singles and just singles do not need to worry about others. In particular, you can set screaming alarm clocks on your phone for at least four in the morning. If other people who do not need to wake up at the same time as you are sleeping next to you, you desperately need Pebble.

Up to 4 alarm clocks are stored in the watch’s memory for any time. Since there are no speakers in the watch at all, the signal is given exclusively by means of vibration. I have never overslept relying on Pebble. They awaken great — but only the one who put them on. Everyone else continues to sleep, as if nothing had happened.

No. 6. Waterproof

Partial protection against water will not interfere with any gadget. Especially the iPhone. The creators of Pebble thought in advance about those who do not want to take off their favorite watch in bad weather. The official water resistance level is 5 atmospheres. In principle, this means that in Pebble you can take a shower without much fanaticism or get caught in the rain.

However, numerous examples from the life of Pebble owners prove that you can easily swim in them both in the pool and in the sea — with a full immersion of the watch. This summer, I drowned the first generation Pebble in the Black Sea for a whole week, and nothing bad happened to them. Even the company’s official social media accounts confirm the safety of swimming in their smartwatches. You can dive in them to a depth of 40 meters. In general, you do not need to remove them at all 🙂

Pebble Classic or Pebble Steel?

Thanks to luck and good management, a successful Kickstarter project has turned into a successful business, capable of creating new products on its own. Therefore, at the beginning of 2014, a new version of Pebble entered the market. However, it doesn’t have to be better. Rather, it is an alternative. Pebble Steel — this is the same watch, but in high-quality packaging. Including in the literal sense.

If you’ve been sidestepping Pebble just for their sporty, somewhat youthful design, you’ll instantly love the Steel. These watches were originally made for those who wear long-sleeve shirts, jackets and generally follow their dress code. More traditional, rectangular shape, real glass instead of clear plastic, quality metal buttons and housing.


The Pebble Steel comes with two different straps — black leather and steel, as well as a tool for changing them. Further depends on the preferences of the individual. Personally, I think leather looks better. Perhaps because the excess of metal along with the digital display evokes parallels with a cheap watch-calculator 🙂 I’m sure many Steel owners will disagree with me, and this is absolutely normal. That is why we are given choice.

On the technical side, that the usual Pebble, that Steel is almost no different from each other. If you find fault, the display contrast in metal models is still higher than in the classic series. In other words, white is a little whiter there, and black is, well, you get the idea. Plus, the manufacturer solved the problem with «gasoline» stains on the displays of ordinary Pebble. At least nothing like this happened on our Steel. Due to flat glass, rather than convex plastic, the watch looks twice as good in the light, does not give wavy, distorted reflections.

The advantages of Pebble Steel over the conventional model are obvious. Of the shortcomings — complete with the first there is no rubber bracelet. This means that playing sports in Steel will be inconvenient. Also, do not get involved in swimming with a leather strap, as well as running. In general, the model is not at all sports and not household — more for work and meetings. The vibration motor in Steel is slightly weaker than in the first version, and at the same time louder. That’s basically it.

It turns out an interesting picture. Unlike the choice between the old and new iPhone, Pebble and Pebble Steel get along well with each other and complement depending on situations in life. Choose the ones that suit you best. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Even if Apple does introduce the iWatch.

Not just «smart» — useful

Everyone who has not just tried, but owned and used Pebble, boldly concludes: this The best smart watch on the market. Their functions work as they should, and technical and software support is at a level inaccessible to competitors. Pebble, regardless of the model, work out every ruble and are not tied to specific smartphone manufacturers or operating systems. The device changes, the clock remains.

I prefer regular Pebbles. Arthur is delighted with Steel. And which ones will you choose?

In Russia, the first version of Pebble costs from 5900 rub. Metal Pebble Steel — from 10 450 rubles. This is less than the prices at which these watches are sold in Europe.

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